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5 Spring Garden Ideas

Do you dream of creating the perfect summer garden? Want to create a spacious environment to invite the whole family over for a BBQ, or just to create your own oasis to relax and escape into. Well we have some good news. With these five simple tips and tricks, it’s easier than ever to transform your garden into a summer paradise.

1 – Health Kick
Does your garden look dull and lifeless? Then the first step to a healthier looking garden is to add some moisture back into it. Ideally you should water your garden with 1-2 inches of water per week and more in the summer months.

Mulching around the base of the plants, about 2-3 inches, will increase the plant’s moisture intake and help reduce those unwanted weeds. A natural mulch you can use is straw or grass clippings.

We also suggest that you feed your garden with fertilizers from the garden centre, or create your own from a compost heap. Also prune those dead branches and non-producing limbs on plants to keep them creating healthy fruits and flowers.

Cut the grass regularly to keep it neat and tidy looking.

2 – Eat Out
Make your garden an extension of your home by creating an eating area in your favourite spot of the garden. Ideally located in an area that catches the sun in the evenings. You can either buy outside chairs and a table or upcycle your existing ones by painting them in subtle blues, mauves or greys which will instantly transform them from bleak to chic.

Incorporate fairy lights, cushions and bunting to add an element of fun. We suggest investing in a fire bowl. Not only do they create a stunning garden centre piece, but they also produce a place to cook and to warm up on a cold evening.

3 – Incorporate Colours
Add splashes of colour to your flowerbeds, patio or decking by mixing and matching summer blooming flowers. You can also introduce coloured plant pots to dot around the garden, or revamp old ones with a lick of bright or pastel coloured paint

4 – Lighten Up
Light up your garden with some battery powered or solar powered lamps. These come in a variety of different styles from tea lights to spotlights. This easy garden addition helps to add character to your garden and create a warming ambience during the long summer evenings.

5 – Add A Splash
Add a water feature to your garden. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; a simple birdbath will work. Not only do they add a feature to your garden but they also encourage more wildlife into the garden. You can sit back and relax whilst you watch the birds popping over for a wash. If you would prefer something more extravagant, how about a water fountain? The sound of trickling water is known to be very relaxing and creates a calm atmosphere.


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