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Air Source Heat Pumps FAQ’s

Air source heat pumps are the ideal heating solution in new builds.

Designed to work effectively in homes built with the higher heat retention and energy efficiency enforced by modern Building Regulations, an air source heat pump provides space heating and hot water in an efficient, environmentally-friendly manner.

However, heat pump technology is new to many customers and, as such, there’s often many questions that need answering. Below are some of the most common air source heat pump questions as experienced by Cornwall-based heat pump provider GreenGenUK.

How does an air source heat pump generate heat?

An air source heat pump unit extracts residual heat from within the air surrounding a property and upgrades it into heat we use to warm our homes. This heat energy is then mixed with refrigerant gas and compressed. This process results in a drastic upgrade in the degree of heat into usable levels for central heating and hot water provision.

Why are air source units suited to new builds?

Air source heat pumps emit heat at lower temperatures over longer periods of time, resulting in reduced running costs and with the aim of maintaining constant internal conditions. The more thermally efficient a home is the less heat it will lose. The less heat a home leaks the less heat has to be input to maintain constant temperatures and the lower its running costs.

Stricter regulations on how homes are built has dramatically improved the thermal efficiency and retention in 21st century homes. Therefore, the above applies.

Are there any government incentives available on an air source heat pump?

Yes. The government’s Renewable Heat Incentive provides financial incentive to customers switching to an air source heat pump or other renewable heating technology.

Basically, the RHI pays customers for every unit of renewable heat generated by their system. As a result, customers can earn as much as £1500 a year from the scheme. RHI Payments last for 7 years.

Is planning permission needed to install an air source heat pump?

Heat pumps fall within permitted development rights providing they aren’t situated within 1 metre of a property’s boundary. As such, no additional permission is required. Furthermore, opting for air source as the heating method of choice will score favourably in SAP calculations.

This blog was provided by GreenGenUK