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How Automation can Help you get your Beauty Sleep

It seems an odd concept using technology to help you sleep; many experts recommend removing all technology from the bedroom – but maybe we just need to give some consideration to the type of technology and how we use it.

Checking emails or playing games on your smart tablet or phone may not be conducive to sleep, but your Apple watch, for example, can help with relaxation techniques and remind you to breath.

Many people find music relaxing at bedtime, but there is that awareness that you have to turn it off. Karen Chugg, from Intelligent Abodes, says ‘I often like to listen to music or watch tv at night to help me drift off, but I am always aware that I need to turn it off or the inevitable timer will ‘switch off’ too soon – having voice control enables me to say ‘off’ just as I slip into sleep’.

Lighting is essential to our everyday living, not only for our comfort and productivity, but also for relaxation too, so having lighting options that enhance tranquility can promote sleep. Karen Chugg, from Intelligent Abodes comments ‘I find the lighting control switches very useful at night as they are backlit, which can be adjusted to give minimum brightness, but still enable me to see the engraving ‘night’, which turns on some low level LED lights to help me find my way safely to bathroom without waking me up too much, so I can drift off again with ease”

In terms of lighting, we are all different in our need to completely block the light from our rooms, while others prefer to see the night sky and welcome the morning glow of the sun. With the latest in technology, modern fabrics can diffuse light, glare and absorb or deflect heat, allowing you to manage the light entering the room to suit your personal needs. Automated blinds can be programmed so you drift off to the evening sky and then they will automatically close as the morning light starts to appear, creating the perfect light for you!

Another aspect, perhaps not considered when thinking about getting a restful sleep, is security. Smart Security systems can be programmed to create an imaginary border around your home, so that anyone breaching your perimeter will trigger security measures of your choice – lighting, alarm, CCTV that can send you a text message – so you rest, assured that you and your property are safe.

This blog was provided by Karen Chugg from Intelligent Abodes