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Bring Harris Tweed into your Home

Spring is approaching so be inspired by the explosion of colour in the garden. Now is the time to update your interiors, injecting some light and bright colours.

A quick and easy way to do this is through accessories like cushions, footstools and throws. New cushions inject colour and personality to our living spaces and bedrooms. Many of us are choosing shades of grey for our walls and it has been referred to as the new magnolia!  A French or smoky grey provides a soft backdrop that allows bolder coloured soft furnishings and accessories. Nothing defines the mood and feel of a room more than the fabrics that are used throughout and Harris Tweed is truly the emperor. It is soft, warm, colourful and breathable yet durable, long lasting and practical. Worlds apart from the scratchy dour coarse tweed of old. Be adventurous and bold choosing bright pastel cushions like heather and sky blue for a fresh splash of colour.  Or choose natural earthy tones like bracken and oatmeal for a serene and tranquil interior scheme. Colour match your accessories by choosing a footstool with buttons that match your cushions.

The exclusive and luxurious Harris Tweed is the world’s only cloth with a protected provenance and certified orb, governed by an Act of Parliament.  100% Pure New Wool is dyed, blended, carded, spun, warped, woven and finished in Islander’s homes on Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. It is then stamped, certified and guaranteed to be genuine and of high quality. The stunning colours in the yarn are derived from the colours of the hills and land of the Outer Hebrides. The rare character and beauty of Harris Tweed is attributable to the fact that it is the only fabric produced in commercial quantities by truly traditional methods anywhere in the world.

It is a wonderful cloth to work with so why not try making your own envelope cushions? You will get a real sense of satisfaction and pride from turning this handmade fabric into your own handmade finished product! It’s as simple as cutting 3 pieces of fabric (50 x 50cm, 45x50cm and 35x50cm) and some straight line sewing. Sew a 1cm hem across one edge of the 35cm and 45cm piece. Place the 50cm piece face up. Place the 35cm piece right side down on one edge and then the 45cm piece right side down on the other edge creating an envelope. Pin in place and sew a 1cm seam around all 4 edges. Turn right side out and your cushion is complete! The final step is to hand or machine sew the Harris Tweed certification label to your cushion. The true mark of quality and excellence.

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