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How Can We Save Energy In Our Home?

Save energy in your home by utilising “off peak” periods, generate energy with solar panels and store it in a battery, reduce energy though your use of lighting, heating, curtains and blinds.  There are many ways you can get smart with your energy.

Generate your own Energy

Become more energy independent and reduce reliance on the national grid, reducing your energy bills and your carbon foot print.  Installing a battery, like Powervault, will allow you to capture energy from a solar panel during the day and discharge into your home as needed.  Powervault batteries, designed and assembled in the UK, will also allow you to charge from the national grid at ‘off peak’ times, making a significant difference to the cost of electricity.

It is also great for the environment – the National Physical Laboratory has calculated that Powervault reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 0.3tonnes/year in an average UK household.  Another great advantage is that during periods of power failure, a Powervault battery can power essential appliances.

There are many ways to save energy, by making subtle changes to some to current services, including lighting, heating control and even your blinds.

This blog was provided by Intelligent Abodes