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Climate Change is Reversing

Daily Telegraph, 29th September 2032

It may sound like a pipe dream but with the energy storage market developing quickly we can power the world through storage and Solar PV alone.  So there’s no need for wind turbines, tidal and wave power are unnecessary and we could even do away with solar farms.

Enough energy hits the earth in one day to provide more energy than the world needs for a whole year.  This would eliminate our Carbon footprint and allow us to enjoy ourselves with a clear conscience.

tony website (Click to enlarge)

So how do we do it. Above are some figures showing how much area we’d need to cover all the UK’s current electrical needs.

The area required equates to 1/7th of the available roof space, so no need for solar farms.  The historical problem of solar has been the panels don’t generate when you need the energy.  We’ll storage is the key here.  Storage systems on the market today (basically a big battery) allow home owners with Solar PV to cover between 70-80% of their electric usage at around 1/3 the cost of drawing it from the grid (yes, the electric is free, we’re considering the installation costs are considered here).  There are still days in the winter when there is not enough energy to top up the batteries fully, so the big challenge is to store the excess summer energy for the winter.  And believe me, people are working on this as when there’s a solution, we’re all going to want one!  Once that problem is solved then we’ll all be able to go off grid.

So that covers the electrical needs, but transport also needs to be solved.  Development in the electric car market is moving at a phenomenal rate with companies like Tesla now making a 7 seat car with a 320 mile range and 0-60 of 2.8 seconds!  So the range anxiety and performance are clearly a thing of the past.  I could do a whole article on the benefits of a Tesla too but the focus here is energy.  So, if your transport is electrified, all your factories are electrified, your heating is electrified (heat pumps provide the efficiency needed here) then we can clearly provide all the energy needs of the country from Solar & storage, completely removing the damage that we do to the planet.  The only thing left to do is prevent cows from farting, and don’t worry, the planet can handle that.

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