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Are you considering investing in a holiday home, in the process of buying a holiday home or currently letting?

Owning a holiday property can be an exciting new venture and profitable if you get it right! However, like any business it can also be a time of worry and stress so we have put together some simple rules to follow to ensure your property is a success which is based on our fifty years in the industry.



This will largely be determined by your motivation for owning a second home, for some it is a pure investment and others an opportunity to own a holiday home for the family to enjoy. The holiday home will need to be somewhere that appeals to you as a place to spend a holiday, it should also be a place others will find attractive as well. Do you research on the market and who you are going to attract, families, couples, groups, walkers etc as this can determine the type of property and location.



There are so many things to consider it’s hard to know where to start! It has become an increasingly more competitive market over the last five years years and guests are becoming more discerning with more choice you will need to decide which market you want to aim for and furnish you holiday property accordingly.

Presentation and first impressions are the key so adding little extra touches such as a welcome pack (perhaps some local produce for breakfast, milk in the fridge etc), flowers, dvds, books, lots of up-to-date tourist guides, games for adults and children etc.

Broadband is another thing that people are increasingly looking for and this should be a facility provided.

An open fire or wood-burning stove is something that is frequently searched for so it is a good idea to provide this if possible.

Repeat business is the bread and butter for you so making your holiday cottage into one that guests will want to return to should be your aim when thinking about the guests welcome and comfort whilst on holiday.

With the many coastal walks, inland walks and beaches that are dog friendly many people choosing Cornwall to holiday will do so with their pet, by not allowing pets you will be greatly cutting down on your potential market. To maximise your opportunity it is best to allow pets if practical. It is often the case that a property is left cleanest after dogs as their owners are worries about leaving hairs.



The rules and regulations for renting out a self-catering cottage aren’t onerous and are mainly common sense but it is obviously essential that you follow them to ensure the safety of your visitors and to remain within the law. The main areas are Furniture, Fire Risk, Electrical, Gas and Insurance.


We hope that you find this article helpful you can find more information by visiting our website www.corncott.com or calling our office on 01208 827 000 where George Edward-Collins would be happy to answer any questions you may have and is always happy to visit your property to provide a no obligation appraisal.