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Ever wondered what went into making a Mastrella sofa or armchair?

Here is Iroka’s step by step guide on what goes into making their very own stunning Mastrella furniture collection, whether it’s a treasured & uber comfortable armchair or a contemporary corner suite with super clean lines.

Step One

The basics

To get started, the factory workers select the materials needed to make up your sofa; each model of sofa has its own number of components to build on to complete the overall look & shape of your sofa or armchair. Here is an example below for a modern corner suite.

Step 1

Step Two

Personal preference

Each fabric collection & individual colour way in the Mastrella collection has its home in the warehouse, it holds over 6 corridors of luxurious fabric, each full of different colours, patterns & textures. From durable man-made fibres like polypropylene, cool cottons & flamboyant felts. Once your specified fabric is selected, the roll of fabric is then cut to the amount needed for your model of sofa or armchair.

Step 2

Step Three

Getting technical

The fabric which has been selected is then transported onto runners to the pattern cutting area. Each sofa pattern is then hand cut for true precision and then transported onto the sewing room. The clever computer system which was put into place last year keeps a record of how well each Seamstress works with each individual fabric. The fabric on the transportation runners is then taken to the best Seamstress of that fabric type for the base cover and seat cushions to be made up.

Step 3

Step Four

Fulfilling job

The next stage is to make up the composition of the seat. Each individual sofa has its own pre-set seat comfort level. You can upgrade to the Lux comfort at a small cost (selected models only). Lux comfort adds a layer of goose feather; a perfect little addition to make your sofa that bit cosier. These machines fill the inner cushions with the required materials making sure you receive the best in quality & comfort. Iroka’s Mastrella product cards specify the exact seat composition of each model in the Mastrella range.

Step 4

Step Five

Finishing touches

In the final stage in completing your sofa, whether it’s a luxurious chaise lounge, contemporary corner suit or stylish armchair , the Mastrella brand label is then stitched to the base cover. The wood or chrome feet/legs are then selected and your Iroka sofa is finished.

Then all you have to do is relax & unwind in your brand new luxury sofa or armchair, tailored for your own individual needs & requirements.

Step 5


For more information on fabrics, models or other services then do not hesitate to contact the Iroka showroom on 01736 757 333 for some friendly, practical and stylish advise!