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The Future of Woodburning Stoves Available Today

Over the last few years many people have fitted a woodburning stove into their homes. It has become a realistic heating source for your home and with the advances in technology the modern Woodburning stove has extremely high efficiencies.

One thing we often get asked is how Woodburning stoves impact the environment and our health. With highly efficient stoves now available the impact is less than traditional open fires and older stoves, however there is a new programme that takes this even further.

The Eco Design Scheme is a European wide programme designed to lower the emissions of Woodburning stoves and due to come into force in the UK in 2022.

The main manufacturers in the Stove Industry Alliance have decided to release stoves that meet these new standards now.

These same manufacturers will also only produce stoves that meet these standards from 2020, two years ahead of the schedule.

The “Ecodesign Ready” scheme is being supported by DEFRA and overseen by HETAS who will test the stoves and issue a label stating the stove is Ecodesign Ready.

A full listing of Ecodesign ready stoves can be found here

Think of it a bit like the HD ready TV’s of recent years that were launched way before the programme producers had enough programmes to show on them.

An obvious question will be can I still use my existing stove that has been fitted if it does not meet the new standards?

Yes you can and these stoves will continue to be sold and installed up until 2022. They are still a lot more efficient than open fires and old stoves.

The new Ecodesign stoves have been shown to reduce particulate emissions by 90% compared to open fires and 80-84% compared to old stoves.

Our showroom already displays many of these stoves, just last month we received the latest addition to our range from Charlton and Jenrick, the Purvision Classic. This is an amazing stove that has an active baffle system which virtually eliminates smoke spilling into the room when you open the door to refuel plus gives you an improved lighting procedure.

This advanced technology is all wrapped in a classical styled stove which you can see in the below pictures. We have this on a live display in our showroom. It’s really worth a view.

This blog was provided by Cornwall Woodburners