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Hot Interior Trends for Summer

There’s a welcome change in the air, meaning it’s time to step away from the all grey everything, and embrace colour and texture once again. This doesn’t mean having a colour spectrum in each room of the house, but instead re-introducing colour amongst more neutral tones, in a subtle manner, to achieve delicate strokes of boldness.


One colour in particular has made a triumphant comeback… Blue. Although some argue it can be quite a cold colour, partnered with other warmer tones and textures it can bring great depth and sophistication to a room. If you wanted to be extra brave, a deep blue, such as Little Greene’s Woad 251 on all walls creates impact, but also a cosy and inviting environment.

Top tip – get yourself a Little Greene blue paint chart from your local stockiest


Marble has been huge recently in the world of accessories, and before you (and your wallet!) freak out, this trend is all about small touches of luxury, meaning you can splash out on the odd coaster or work surface, or stumble across imitation marble pieces to achieve the look on a budget. Items such as clocks, tiling and walk-in showers looks immensely impressive in this classic texture.


This year, kitchens are shunning the perfect, polished look for a more eclectic feel, this means homeowners can create a space truly personal to them, making what they already have work, but with the dressing of new textures and finishes. Gone are the days of everything matching, your kitchen is a space you use more so than other rooms in the house, so make this space your own. Whether this means finding unique one off work surfaces, good quality patterned tiling, or reclaimed mirrors; the introduction of juxtaposing textures and styles is a trend to get on board with.

Cornwall Home Show piece pic


Last year the Interior scene exploded with lots of metallic offerings, however this year a different finish has appeared in the lighting and home accessory offerings. Matte finishes are a subtle, understated trend, which slot beautifully into Cornish home interiors. There is a vast array of materials, from oxidized metals, matte glass to chalk finish paint, with this particular look very successful on pendant and feature lighting. However don’t panic if you bought some gorgeous copper or gold home accessories last year, matte-finish décor looks gorgeous next to metallic accents.


Something we get asked for frequently is redesigning of bathrooms, this can be the make-or-break in selling a property or letting it out. There is an expectation now for bathrooms to almost feel like living spaces, an element of comfort or luxury becoming ever more popular. Whether this takes shape in the form of an accent chair, window seats (if possible!), through to smaller accessories, such as flowers and candles. Bathrooms are no longer purely functional, but also a space where beautiful décor can impact mood, comfort and relaxation. Patterned tiling, whether it is on the floor or walls, is a huge market at the moment. This again relates to the comeback of colour, with patterned tiles being a simple way to introduce colour, instead of using the obvious choice of paint. This can then be carried through in the bathroom accessories and delicate touches, such as candles and soaps.

Top tip – if looking to sell or let your property, however working to a tight budget, investing in the bathroom and keeping the rest of the house very plain and neutral will make your property more marketable long term. Even splashes of wallpaper can transform these spaces, giving them a new lease of life.


We hope these trends help guide and evoke interest for these coming summer months, remember that your home is an extension of your personality, the space should be a warm, welcome invite from a long day at work. The biggest crucial element to remember is, redesign your home to reflect you instead of mimicking the pages of a magazine.

Leander Richards, Cornwall Interiors