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D3 Architects Stage 5: How to Write a Brief

When you are getting ready to start to work with an Architect the brief is your shopping list for all the things you need and want from the project. The brief is not a complicated legal document or novel. It is simply a list of your requirements.

As the project progresses so the brief can develop in detail. For instance you don’t need to be thinking about how many electrical sockets you will need at the beginning. This can be done once you have a scheme you’re happy with and when you are starting to go out to builders for quotes.

What to Include

Consider your architect a bit like a travel agent. When booking a holiday we go in with an idea of our destination, budget and time we want to be away. Then as we discuss and look at the options we start to refine that search and after finding what meets our requirements prepare for a relaxing time away. We’re not interested in the cost of aviation fuel, hotel staff salaries etc we just want the end result and to relax and enjoy the holiday.

Tell your architect your aim, budget and timescale. With this key information they can turn your aspirations and dreams into reality, whilst dealing with all the relevant approvals and legislation for you.

The D3 Method

We advise our clients to make three lists after giving the three key points of aim, budget and timescale. The lists are; need, want and wish. This helps you to prioritise your requirements and ensure we meet them in the order of your importance. It also means that with careful planning we can sometimes stretch the budget to reach the wish list as well.

All the best with your project and next time we will look at finding your architect!



Guest Blog written by Simon from D3 Architects

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