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Where to Invest in your Holiday Home

Here’s some advice to help you decide how best to spend money on your holiday home. Since the property itself is an investment, a business even, it’s important to spend wisely and protect your profitability. Don’t “buy cheap and buy twice”, but make sure everything is cost-effective as well as being appealing to the typical guest.

The secret is to make the most of your budget by spending the money in the right areas and avoiding unnecessary expenditure. These are some of our suggestions:

In the Bedroom

Never underestimate the importance of a peaceful night’s sleep. This is as true for our guests as for ourselves, so provide the best quality of mattress that you can afford. Ensure that curtains are well lined, and blinds are of the black-out type – your guests may be unused to the bright morning sun, and they’re on holiday. They don’t want to be woken early. Buy plain bed-linen. This looks more professional, and it’s easy to organise, to match and to replace. It’s often cheaper too, win-win.

In the Bathroom

A white bathroom suite is de rigueur. It looks smart and doesn’t offend anyone’s sense of style, but it doesn’t need to be expensive. Save that money to purchase more expensive fittings – taps and shower heads and hoses, and nice touches like good quality soap dispensers. Good quality mirrors add a premium feel compared to cheaper ones.

The Living Area

It’s important that sofas and armchairs and comfortable and good quality, but don’t go crazy. It’s easy to blow your budget in this area. If possible, select furniture with removable covers you can wash. This will extend the useable life of the seating as well as making sure they are always clean and fresh. Quality picture framing can complete the look and generate a connection with the locality. Cushions and other accessories can be used to make your colour scheme gel as well as adding comfort and value at minimal cost.

In the Kitchen

The kitchen does not have to make huge inroads into your budget, but it will if you don’t plan carefully. If your existing units are of solid construction, you can upgrade them by painting and add quality door furniture. Spend the money on a premium quality work surface and taps. Better quality pans are worth it – they last much longer. There should be a matching set of crockery for double the maximum number of visitors. The same goes for cutlery.

Recommendations for Buying

You don’t need to shop for any big name brands. Do a little research online and you’ll find a lot of inexpensive outlets and supermarkets selling a good solid product at lower prices. Plan ahead and pick stuff up in the sales, instead of being under pressure when you need something.

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