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Keeping Warm this Winter

As the colder weather draws in, people’s thoughts turn to keeping warm. For every self builder and home improvements enthusiast, planning how to produce an efficient warm home, is key.

Increasingly, more insulation materials are being launched with new technology + research behind the products available. There are many affordable ways to achieve good efficiency when building a new property.

Since the 30’s self builders and developers have been using SIPS.  SIPS stands for Structurally Insulated Panel.

With the build method like a conventional timber frame, the difference is that the SIP panels come pre-insulated with thick robust air tight insulation, with fantastic U-values creating a superbly air tight shell.  A 150mm SIP offers a U-value rating of 0.213 whereas a 150mm timber frame with a ridged insulation offers an approx. rating of 0.23.

When building smaller dwellings, trying to maximise the internal space can be a problem. A great advantage of using SIPS in a new build is that they offer vaulted or open roof spaces as they do not require a supporting truss system. Building with SIPs can often cost about the same as building with timber frame construction, particularly when you factor in the labour savings resulting from a more rapid on site build time, and an accurate off site fabrication procedure.

Another well known and regularly used build method is timber frame. Timber frame can be stick built on site or also be pre-engineered and fabricated off site and quickly erected. The off site method eliminates debris around site and ensures a more efficient work environment. A typical Timber frame house shell can be erected in less than week. U values of a timber frame build can vary according to the insulation selected. As well as the more traditional insulation, we are currently using a combination of new Actis products within our timber frames. By using a combination of three Actis products, it is fully building reg compliant and performs well with great insulation results.  The decision when choosing products often comes down to cost and the long term U values you are hoping to achieve. If you plan to build your forever home and want to cut heating bills considering SIPS is a great option. Timber frame methods offer a good alternative but careful consideration should be taken to the insulation materials selected.

This blog was provided by Connor from Building with Frames