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A Love Affair With Cornwall

Love is in the air with Valentines Day just around the corner, but we’ve been thinking about the other love in our lives…the beautiful county of Cornwall.

Recently voted the most picturesque county in England, there really are so many reasons to fall in love with Cornwall; its idyllic location, picturesque views and traditional culture are only to name but a few.

Here are some of the reasons we have fallen head over heels for Cornwall.

There are over 400 beaches to find and explore and they are all accessible by foot. You can stroll along a long sandy golden beach, or discover a secret hidden cove. Cornwall also offers a fantastic range of watersports from surfing to kayaking so you can try your hand at whatever you fancy.

Small historic villages
Every village in Cornwall is unique, whether it’s an old market town or an historic port. The locals are very friendly making all the villages worth a visit. Here is a shortlist of a few of our favourites.

Coastline & stunning cliffs
Cornwall is a long peninsula, which means you will never be more the 20miles from the sea. Cornwall also has over 400miles of stunning coastline. There are public paths along most of the cliffs, which lets you explore the entire coastline. For the budding photographers out there, you will be guaranteed to find the perfect dramatic sea shot. 

Tasty local food
Not only is Cornwall famous for its traditional Cornish pasty, but also you can find an abundance of fresh local food on your doorstep. Fishing is a big part of Cornish history so it’s no surprise that the fish selection is the finest and freshest around. The food scene is one to rival London, as there are many award winning local food producers and stellar chefs.

In Cornwall you can expect to find miles of open green fields. These range from farmland to moors and country parks, most of which has public pathways for you to explore. Cycle routes and trails also cover the countryside.

Picturesque scenery
Whether it’s sunny or pouring down with rain, the Cornish landscape always is awe-inspiring. The perfect place to snap some stunning and dramatic landscape photography.

In Cornwall you can’t go anywhere without seeing some of the diverse wildlife. If you’re a bird watcher then you’re in luck as there are over a hundred different breeds to spot. But it is not only birds; Cornwall is home to squirrels, seals, dolphins, basking sharks, butterflies and so much more!

We hope to have inspired you to make the most of Cornwall, so you can find your own reasons to maintain that love with this bountiful place. Just be warned you may start your very own love affair with the county too!


Image Supplied by Lee Searle.