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Modern Fireplaces you’ll Want to Light all Year Round

Whatever the season, a stylish fireplace will make a welcome impact in your home and transform a room from cool to cosy in a heartbeat.

Seeing Double

When building or renovating your home there is often a need to heat two rooms.  What better way than to install one fire for both rooms!  This double sided fire heats the large lounge and the big room behind, creating architectural interest and warmth throughout the large open plan area.

Camp it up
Create indoor space outside, with a quiet retreat, camping pod or small holiday let in the garden. Unique installations allow the creative juices to flow and create a warm fun experience.

Team with monochrome decor
If you have invested in a striking modern fireplace, with a tall chimney, keep the decor in the rest of the room pared-back and monochrome. This allows the fireplace to take centre stage, marking it out as a design feature, even when it’s not lit.

Place at the heart of your home

One for the style-conscious among us, a fire with both substance and style is essential. Make sure you place it in the heart of your home, where you and your guests can admire and enjoy it from the moment they walk through the door.

Create a look that stands out from the crowd

A traditional fireplace doesn’t need to be boring, the addition of a slate surround helps to frame the stove and at the same time protects wallpaper from the heat of the stove.

Think vertically
Fireplaces are often restricted to the lower half of the room but their are fireplaces which come in long lean designs, convicting heat and creating a stunning focal point leading the eye to the dramatic view beyond.  The bespoke log stores provide an interesting visual effect.


Just add the cat

Nothing says home more than a content pet enjoying the warmth of their woodburner.

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