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New Technology for Christmas

Most of us have been using technology to enhance our comfort for years – with fires at the touch of a button, central heating, dishwashers – so what are the latest developments in the world of technology to make your home more relaxing and cosy this winter?

Lighting has never been easier with the introduction of the Apple HomeKit, allowing you to dim light bulbs from your iPhone or for a more sophisticated lighting scene. Lutron allows integration of several light fittings to create the perfect mood lighting for each task – watching a film, entertaining or relaxing. For the ultimate in cosy settings, you can integrate control of the fire and close the curtains/blinds, all at the touch of a button.

One of the things I love about home control solutions, like Vantage and RTi, is that they offer one step solutions, with the press of one button you can transform a room into your perfect relaxing environment, with dimmed lights, closed blinds, TV switched on and even initiate the water feature in the fish tank!

On long winter evenings, especially at Christmas time, we often have the opportunity to watch our favourite programmes or listen to our music – with the introduction of 4K TVs, the picture is more realistic than ever. I often feel transported into another time when I watch 4K TVs, especially the Samsung, as they have such depth of picture and Sony offers such rich colours. With the latest Apple TV, you have an endless choice of programmes and films to watch, all accessible with Siri. For the ultimate sound, it has to be Bowers & Wilkins, offering both style and quality for your music or surround sound for that cinema experience.

As well as enhancing our living environment, home automation, particularly lighting, heating, blinds and curtains – can really help save energy and reduce bills. In other words we use less electricity to light and heat our homes, as we target needs and reduce losses with energy efficient blinds and curtains.

The new range of heating control systems – Nest and Heatmiser – respond intuitively so that heating is used efficiently when required, minimised when you are away or the temperature increases and all without the need for re-programming. Gone out for the evening and feeling chilly? Turn the temperature up on your smart phone, so that all is cosy for your return.

What makes a cosy home: lighting, warmth, music, favourite film and good company. Home automation can meet most of those needs at the touch of a button; just add the company for perfection.

This blog was provided by Intelligent Abodes