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Range Cookers – 10 Reasons to Switch to Electric

Our 2014 Exhibitors, Cornish Cooker Conversions, specialise in converting range cookers from gas or oil to electric. Making your stunning, kitchen focal point much more practical for day to day living and cooking. Below are 10 reasons which may make you consider to make the switch to electric.

10 Reasons to Make the Switch –

1. Highly volatile oil prices
2. Poor quality of oil
3. Increased frequency of oil servicing
4. Risk of gas / carbon monoxide leaks
5. Ability to install anywhere in the kitchen as no gas or oil flue requirement
6. High cost of flue / oil tank replacement
7. Maximise use of own electricity 
supplies such as wind turbines or PV
8. Ability to use in summer without constant oppressive heat – yet will keep you warm in winter when you want it
9. Able to simply switch on and off / no oil levels to monitor
10. Improved heat up times

Key Benefits to Making the Switch –

* Reduce running costs by up to 80%
* Make it flexible to operate
* Control comfort levels – warm in winter / cool in summer
* Reduce ”heat up” and improve ”recovery” times
* Have easy to use controls
* Reduce requirement for servicing

Cornish Cooker Conversions specialise in converting range cookers to electric, radically re-engineering the inner construction without taking away the benefits you love. For more information contact Alan and Elizabeth www.ccconversions.co.uk 01208 812272