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Top 3 reasons to invest in green improvements for your home or rental property

With recent cuts to Government-led finance programmes to encourage householders to install energy efficiency and renewable energy measures hitting the headlines, many people may be thinking twice about whether this autumn (traditionally the busiest time for new heating improvements) is the right time to take the plunge.

It’s important to remember that, in spite of the sales pitches for many energy saving products primarily being about the benefits to your pocket, there are a host of practical reasons to invest in ‘green’ improvements for your property, whether you are an owner-occupier or landlord.

(1) Improving your asset value
A study by the Energy Saving Trust showed that, on average, people are willing to pay up to £10k more for an energy efficient property. This isn’t just about people’s potential environmental credentials. When considering your own experience of viewing properties it does make perfect sense – potential purchasers will pay a premium for a home with a more modern, efficient heating system and double glazed windows and an efficient log burner is on many people’s wish list, meaning that investing in ‘green’ measures could give your home the edge when coming to sell.

(2) Reduced maintenance and higher tenant satisfaction
How much to invest in a property you aren’t living in can be a difficult balance for landlords to strike, whether they rent to tenants or are part of Cornwall’s prosperous holiday rental market. Rental properties are currently assessed by Environmental Health Officers using the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) tool and statistics show that by far the most common of all ‘hazards’ across the UK is ‘excess cold’ – where a home is hard to heat affordably – which is even more common in Cornish homes, with many being traditionally built from stone and with large parts of the county not on the gas grid.

Whether your tenant is there for the week or for the long term, investing in improvements that help to ensure your property is well-insulated, easy to heat and free from drafts and condensation means lower likelihood of complaints and reduced energy costs, and can help prevent damp and mould growth – these are often the top causes of complaints in rental homes.

(3) A warmer, more comfortable home
Putting aside the financial benefits, when a wet, windy Cornish winter rolls in everyone wants to feel warm and cosy in their own home without having to worry about the cost of the energy bill landing on the doormat just after Christmas. Small improvements such as improved insulation and making the best use of your heating system through improved controls can make a huge difference to a home, whether it be a granite fisherman’s cottage or a modern town centre home.

This blog story was provided by Truro Eco Energy.