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Bring the Wild into Your Home

Vibrant, sparkling, and popping with colour, British contemporary artist Yvonne Coomber’s highly sought-after paintings whisper songs of love, enchantment and magic.

Breathing new life into the world of fine art, gently flamboyant artist Yvonne Coomber is soon to launch her very first collection of luxury fine art cushions. Her work will be presented upon gorgeous velvet handmade cushions rather than the more traditional medium of canvas with which she usually works. Each gloriously celebratory piece takes inspiration from the tumbling hedgerows, ancient woodland and sprawling landscapes of the lush Devon countryside. Yvonne’s hotly anticipated new venture of these heart-stirringly beautiful cushions will be on sale in mid-March following the official launch at the Birmingham NEC Spring Fair.

Celebrating all that is good and great about British talent, the individually handmade cushions are made entirely in the UK via Yvonne’s collaboration with R A Smart, leading provider of digital textile, screen printing and weaving systems. Fabric is then sent to the founder of an Independent Bristol Collective and highly-talented upholsterer Leigh-Ann Treadwell, who proceeds to lovingly hand-make each cushion. Leigh-Ann enjoys the process of layering natural materials and believes that consumers should have a meaningful relationship with their belongings, expressing their own personal uniqueness; an ethos also championed by Yvonne. The resulting craftsmanship is outstanding; each luxurious cushion is 100% organic cotton on one side with rich sumptuous velvet on the reverse. It is then loaded with natural duck feathers to create a reassuringly plump backdrop for Yvonne’s exquisite floral designs. Yvonne will be releasing several collections of cushions; the first collection is entitled ‘You’re Gorgeous’ and will comprise five different cushion designs depicting segments from the original oil painting of the same name

Yvonne describes how she was inspired to steer her artwork into the realm of textiles and interiors; “As with any creative process, when I started to think about designing and creating a collection of cushions the planning and experimental stages were pivotal. Although I love working with fabrics I know that my strength lies in painting. So a search began to find a talented small social enterprise to create the cushions with someone who held the same values and ethos as me. When I met both R A Smart and Leigh-Ann it was a magical discovery ”.

It was very important to Yvonne that each cushion was as perfect as it could possibly be; for them to be a treasured object and art piece combined. Thanks to the artistry of the team behind the production of the cushions the results are truly stunning. The delicacy of the individual flowers juxtaposed with the boldness and energy of the paint brings about a wonderful alchemy.