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Do you Love the Feeling of Spring Sunshine on your Face?

If so, you will love the natural feeling of warmth from electric infrared heaters for your home!

March heralds the Spring, the sunshine warms the earth to encourage the bulbs to grow, the leaves to come out and grass to green up and flourish, the warming rays of sunshine feel lovely on our face and the whole world feels rosier!

But what is it about sunshine that is so magical to make all this happen? The answer is Infrared energy.

Shafts of sunlight contain a whole array of different wavelengths of light, those we see like the colours of the rainbow to invisible light which also contains part of the light spectrum called infrared. Sunlight travels through the air, the infrared part is responsible for warming the earth, it is energy which can travel through cold air, when it hits an object it causes the tiny atoms within the object to vibrate and create heat. Black earth absorbs infrared well, warming the earth and encouraging the plants to start developing. Different objects have different abilities to absorb the infrared energy, black earth, stone walls and sandy beaches all absorb and emit infrared well but leafy vegetation does not.

Infrared energy can also be felt on the body of humans and animals. Cats will often lie in a shaft of sunlight, their bodies absorbing warmth. A shaft of sunlight can make the cat and floor rise in temperature even though the air is still very cold. It takes quite a while for infrared energy to successfully keep raising the temperature of the earth day after day to bring about a rise in air temperature too. We all know by summer cities become stiflingly hot because of the sheer amount of brick, stone and tarmac absorbing and emitting infrared whereas the countryside feels cooler as the black earth is now covered in leafy materials.

The suns infrared energy also helps warm your home, shafts of sunlight pass through glass windows and increases the surface temperature of the carpet and furnishings, the passing air absorbs warmth from these objects helping to warm the air. Rooms which are south facing always feel cosier than those that are north facing which lack any sunlight simply because the surface temperature of the objects within the room is different, those warmed objects make the room feel cosier even though the actual air temperature is the same.

With technological advancements it is possible to bring this natural feeling to any room by installing a special panel heater which can produce infrared energy to warm the floor and furnishings just like sunshine might. By bathing the whole room in infrared energy, we can raise the surface temperature of the floor and furnishings, these objects then emit warmth to gradually heat the air, by purely warming the objects just by a couple of degrees the difference in cosiness is very noticeable!

So how does this work? Infrared panel heaters simply plug in to the electric, the panel becomes hot to give off infrared energy in a very specific wavelength, this requires very little electricity! Within a couple of minutes you can feel warming infrared on your face, just like gentle sunshine, after a while the objects with in the room will all be warmed, just by a couple of degrees, and sufficient enough for the room to have an all-round cosy feel. Warmed objects give off warmth to heat the air. Infrared panels work very differently to radiators or electric fan heaters but because it is a very natural way to heat people and homes then it feels far more comfortable and has many health benefits over hot blown air heating. Most importantly it is uses very little electricity and is therefore cheap to run.

Infrared heating has been widely used across Europe for many years as a complete home heating solution, in Austria and Germany electric heating is commonplace and energy efficiency is paramount. Over the past ten years here in the UK, there has been a gradual change in the way we think about heating our homes, from better quality loft insulation, to wall coatings and protection to the way we actually heat rooms all in order to save energy and reduce our fuel bills.

This blog was provided by Multi Heat Energy Systems