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Picking your builder

Finding and selecting builders to price for your work can be difficult. You may have asked friends, your architect and looked online at their websites but you now have to pick one.

Here are some of the pointers Simon from D3 Architects gives his clients to help them at this stage.

Their quote.

It is a rare thing for all the quotes to be equal. Don’t just judge the quote on price alone; look at the timescale allowed and check they have all allowed the same amount of money for unknown items. Sometimes a more expensive quote will finish earlier as the expense is for more workers on site. Also find out who asked any questions about the works, who was curious and checking all the finer points.


Everyone needs it but only some have it. An experienced builder brings with them a certain level of trust and safety for potential clients. However, it is possible to have spent years doing things poorly. All good reputable builders will be happy to show you examples of past projects and potentially introduce you to past clients.


This is the last selection for your project team. If you’re shy and retiring then a loud confident builder might not sit well with you and make you feel nervous. Like wise if you’re confident then a shy quiet builder might not be a good idea. Trust your instincts and remember this is your project.

This blog story was provided by Simon at D3 Architects.

Photo by USACEpublicaffairs