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Whether you Accept Pets or Not Now is the Time to Treat your Home

There’s no doubt about it the mighty flea is the toughest of creatures and the bane of your and your guests lives not to mention the creatures they set up home on.

Fleas can get into your home whether you guest has a pet or not so all holiday properties are vulnerable from a flea attack!

So what is the lifecycle of the flea? Well, there are four stages. Stage one is gestation after mating which takes 48 hours. Stage two is hatching which occurs 24-48 hours after laying. Stage three the mature larvae spin a protective cocoon around themselves and develop into adult fleas, they can survive in this cocoon for up to a year! Stage four is hatching from their cocoon which is stimulated by a combination of CO2, vibrations and warmth. They will hatch in less than a second and be hoping around looking for something to feed on.

Traditionally a seasonal problem, these itchy invaders are now a year-round nuisance thanks to warmer and more humid weather we have in conjunction with central heating and better insulation in properties. So how can you tackle these unwanted lodgers, and just what can you do to send them packing?

There are a wide variety of treatments out there for the control and prevention of fleas which you can either do yourself or get a professional in. There is no such thing as a flea repellent as nothing will stop a flea from jumping, however, using a good product regularly you can rest easy knowing that the little creature will be killed within 24 hours before it has time to mate and lay eggs!

Believe it or not the best weapon in combating fleas in your holiday home is the trusted vacuum! Most modern vacuums are powerful enough to pick up fleas, eggs and larvae in your holiday home. When using your vacuum make sure that you take out the old bag and sprinkle the contents with some flea powder, as their maybe some fleas in here, and get rid of the bag straight away. Place a new bag in having sprinkled in some powder and spray the inside of the nozzle of your vacuum. You will need to do the entire house including soft furnishings paying particular attention to the skirting boards, corners and under and behind furniture.

Once you have finished vacuuming your property you then need to treat it with a combination of flea powder and spray which should kill any survivors. Make sure that when choosing a powder or spray you go for an insect growth regulator (IGR) which disrupts the lifecycle and prevents fleas from mating, laying eggs and hatching.

Remember fleas are hardy little creatures so be prepared to repeat the process again a week or two after just to be sure you have caught all the little creatures. Remember to keep a can or two handy for a quick spray during the season.

Alternatively if you or your housekeeper are not confident or comfortable in tackling this then you can call in a professional to fumigate and eradicate these tough little creatures.

Did you know?

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